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 These are messages of condolence received outside the website
 The image at the bottom of the page is of one of our favorite murals,
 a collaboration by each of our favorite artists
These came through my mom


John Stringer 


Tue 7/06/10 9:54 AM


Cindy Mullins



Debra Turnbull 


Tue 7/06/10 8:15 AM


Cindy Mullins

I'm so sorry for Blake.  (and you!)  What a horrible way to go.  Even when you know the inevitable is coming,

you are really never prepared for the loss.  Please let Blake know that I send him my thoughts and prayers

and hope that he will feel better soon.



Amanda Mullins 


Tue 7/06/10 7:10 AM


Cindy Mullins

Dear Cindy ,

So sorry to hear that. It is a blessing that Blake has such a wonderful mother to help him through this hard time. I love you.





Tue 7/06/10 7:04 AM




> Cindy,
I am so sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law. I know this is a very
hard time for Blake and family. Thank you for the address - I want to
send a card. You are in our prayers. Love, Judy

Re: today‏


Jim Quinn


Mon 7/05/10 3:51 PM


Cindy Mullins


I'm very sorry for your and Blake's loss.  I remember Blake and David when they were just toddlers although I

doubt they remember me.  Please tell Blake that he is in my prayers.




Jo Cartwright 


Mon 7/05/10 11:52 AM


Cindy Mullins

Dearest Cindy,  Heartfelt sadness receiving news your daughter-in-law Emma passed away.   

Please know caring thoughts and prayers are with Blake and all the family at this very sad time.  

Cindy, When and where is the Funeral, Is your daughter-in-law's full name Amelia Mary ( Emma) Cash?  

 I would like to send flowers.  
Our deepest sympathy,  
Jo and Family,   

Re: today‏


Amber Mullins 


Mon 7/05/10 11:36 AM


Cindy Mullins

Hi Cindy,

That is just awful. I am so sorry to hear that Blake is going through this. Maybe we could get his address to send a card his way? I have always wanted to meet my step-brother's and I care about Blake and David even though we don't know them because they are your children. I will be thinking of you as well.



Re: Emma‏


Mel Calvin 


Mon 7/05/10 10:15 AM


Cindy Mullins

I'm so very sad for Blake and am praying for him and for Emma. You too.


Penny Davis


Sat 7/03/10 8:30 PM


Cindy Mullins



I spent a few hours reading every entry in Blake's blog.  What a talent he has for helping an outsider into his life. 

I was able to relate to the struggles, both physical and emotional.  It will surely help me to pray even more fervently for him. 

Just wanted you to know this.  See you in the morning.



This is from my sister in law, a letter of condolence I sent her on the passing 
of her father, note the line before the last paragraph 

Our prayers and thoughts are with you I hope
your letter can be of some comfort during this dificult time.
Cash, K
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 2:58 PM
To: Cash, Patricia


Grief is a denial of our knowledge that your
father is beyond suffering, with our Lord, where he is destined to be.
That does not mean that you should not experience grief, it is an
opportunity to reflect on your father's service to our Lord, in works as
far away as Morrocco, and as near as your heart.

It is an
opportunity to allow his children to show their strength, to support
each other, to show what your father has given to them.

is another opportunity to see our frailty. We justify our prejudices by
calling them knowledge, by insisting that we have learned from the
past. God has no prejudice, and he knows the future. He loves us no
matter who we are, what we have done, or what we will do.

your loved ones to prove any prejudices you may have to be wrong. Allow
God to guide your loved ones to step up and support you and your mother.
Rejoice in the example your father gave us all. Do not falter in your
faith due to the failure of another to live up to your expectations.
Rejoice in those that do.

We think of life as a gift, yet it is
eternal life for which we strive.

When I lose Emma, please remind
me of these thoughts.

The results from Emma's biopsy are in, she
has stage 3 pancreatic cancer. As much as she expected it to be even
worse (stage 4), the news hit her hard, as if it was out of the blue. We
see the oncologist tomorrow. I don't know how she'll get through this,
but it does seem to make her feel better to talk to you.


From Dr. Anjali Avadhni (Her Oncologist)

I am so very sorry to hear that Emma passed earlier today -- my heart
truly goes out to you and your family. She really battled so bravely
for such a long thoughts and prayers are with you. I will
let Dr. Lavu know about the sad news as well. Again, I am so very


From Jackie Hayes Skidmore

Blake (((HUGS)))) my heart just sank a bit. Her journey here is complete, yet there are
miles left to go. A warrior to the end. Remember all the great times & the gifts she gave
to you. I wish I could do something !!!

From Anna Bruce Martin

Kb...I'm so sorry. My heart aches for you and the family. Emma will always be with you
and you will reunite once again. Keep that thought close to your heart. She's free of
pain now, let that give you peace in knowing she is free now and in a much, much better
place. Wish I could hug you right now.

From Kevin Carr

Am so very sorry, Blake. Prayers for you in this difficult time.

From Jim Kucher

Dona Nobis Pacem, Amen

From Michael Reith

Heavenly Father, it is at the bank of the very Jordan that you refine us,
ultimately. Emma rests in the peace and Sabbath that we all seek and yet cannot fully
grasp. She has crossed over into the loving arms and peace that await all saints, yet we
linger, and we wonder in the weakness of our sinfulness. Father, give us the knowledge
and trust that we lack, that we sinfully lack, and instill in us the strength to continue
to walk on, taking your word to a fallen world. Father, our hearts ache for Blake, who
has lost his beloved wife at an age too young for this world, yet in perfect timing for
yours. Strengthen Blake for these hard days and in your unfathomable way, give him peace.
Show us ways that we can help, Father, be it prayer, finances, or friendship. Father,
thank you for your work in Emma's heart and your love of the Elect. Transform her passage
into a source of faith and strength for all of us who await that day that we shall see
you in your Glory. In the name and in the promises of your Son, Jesus Christ, we ask
these thing. Amen.

From Gary Frank

Blake, both you and Emma have fought a long and emotionally draining battle. My hope is
that you do not feel that all is lost and that you may find peace. My Prayers are with
you my friend. GBGS

From Vince Natale

Hi Blake,
I"m so sorry to hear of this.
My thoughts are with you.

From W. Stuart Johnson

Dear Blake,

You have my deepest sympathies.

Please feel free to talk anytime.


W. Stuart Johnson

From Michael Reith 

Blake, you have an faith that is ministering to all of us. Not all of us have lost a
spouse, but when that day comes, tomorrow or later, I pray that I will have the courage
and strength (I know you probably don't feel that way) that you have exhibited.

From my cousin Regina


Dad called to tell us the news.

I thought that she was on the road to recovery so I was
surprised when reading some of your post on FB starting a few weeks ago.

I know that you're dealing with a lot, but please consider
coming down for a few days so we can all gather around you!


From Duane Tyler (Who prayed for Emma while his own daughter was 
dealing with advanced breast cancer, defining a prayer network) 

"Blake, you know my prayers are with you... I understand the pain and grief the
cancer has done.... The lose I haven't experienced, but the grief of knowing what the
future holds is haunting !!! May God dearly bless Emma. Please know we are all here for
moral support during this time... I can only add that with God in control, it is an
easier burden to bear.... May His blessings be with you always... Thanks for letting me
be a part of your life over the past few years.... Love you Brother !!!!!!!!"

From my cousin Sheilah

I stepped away from the
computer to 'fix' lunch, and missed your chat. I was at the lake house
with family when your dad called about your Emma. I am so sorry for your
loss, and I really don't know what to say! This is just that chapter in
life that just sucks!!!

I wish the family could physically
surround you, and take away your sorrow, but I've been told it's a
process all of us have to work through.

I never had the honor of
meeting your Emma, but I know from your posts, and others, she cared
deeply for you and those close to her.

Jimmy and I are praying
for your peace of mind and heart, comfort for your sorrow, and courage
and strength to face each day.


Sheilah and family

From Jackie and David Lee Masci (our landlords)

dear blake,

 just want to say how sorry i am over emma's passing. she was a person
filled with passion for what she loved in life and you  were her
favorite one. she told me many times how much she loved you and was
happy and lucky to find you, to fall in love again and find a soul mate.

 food...was what she shared with me... i will keep her in my thoughts
especially when cooking.

hope you are trying to deal with it all. can't imagine the heartache
that you are enduring. when i saw her last, she was worried about you. 

wiht my condolences and love.

 jackie ( and david)

From John and Tammy Hunter

Blake , I am so sorry my time on fb has been cut short and classmates until the last
week not for months. I have about 700 emails in my inbox. I hope you are well and you can
take comfort in knowing she is at peace. Tammy and I will be praying for you. If you ever
want to email me or talk please let me know. I cant here my phone when Im out in the
field with my new job but if you send me a number I will email you when I could call you.
again I am truly truly sorry and I hope you are okay.
Thinking of you and Emma(May she rest in peace in gods loving care)
John And Tammy Hunter

From Stephen Barber

My prayers are with you Blake.



From Michael A. Crane Jr. (AKA MACJr)

I guess I should not put this off any longer, Blake. It is not that I did
not want to send my condolences to you as soon as I found out about Emma's
passing; it is just that sometimes it is hard for me to find words to say.
Notice, I did not say, "the right words" because I know that no such thing
as right words exist when talking about the loss of a loved one. There are
no words that can truly console someone after they lose the ability to share
their life, here on earth, with someone they love.

Just know that I am here if you want to talk.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

From Sue Everage (I'll be using this in one of her obituaries)

"Those we hold most dear never truly leave us ... they live on in the kindnesses
they showed, the comfort they shared and the love they brought into our lives.
Isabel Norton"
From Laura Garno

I am so sorry Blake. I was away for the weekend and just heard about Emma. Although I
never had the pleasure of meeting her, I can tell that she was an amazing person. Take of
yourself now and please let me know if you need anything.

From Linda Labate
Dear Blake,
 My name is Linda and I was Emma's high school friend. Let me first
offer my condolences to you and your family. Emma was very lucky and
blessed to have you in her life. She e-mailed two year ago to the day of
her passing. I will remember Amelia (thats what we called her back
then) for her sense of humor,  her style and her kindness. We had many
adventures and I will treasure the memories always. The only regret I
have is that we didn't keep in contact. The website you set up for her
was very nice. Emma got what we wanted when we were young, true love
from a wonderful man.  It's hard to understand why our love ones are
taken from us,but find comfort in knowing you were best part of her
life. You are in my thoughts and prays.
Linda Labate

From Dr. Kevin Furlong (Her endocrinologist)

Dear Blake:

I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I really enjoyed getting to
know the both of you. She was a brave, sweet woman and it was my
pleasure to be involved in her care.

Again, I am very sorry for your loss.


From Judy and Jamie Borders (My mother's cousin)
I am very touched by your website. Emma must had been a true soulmate and
she is continuing to reach out to all with her memories. You have given
her such a beautiful tribute and how blessed you both were to have had
such a beautiful relationship. We sincerely send our condolences and will
pray for God's comfort. I appreciate your e-mail.


Judy and Jamie Borders
Waxahachie, Texas
From my sister



Mom sent me the link to your blog and let me know of Emma's death. 
There are no right words to say and I certainly have no idea of the
extent of the loss that you are experiencing right now.  Please know
that it was made clear to me by your words that you and Emma shared a
special love and your stories made me smile, even as you wrote of
helping clean her body, I could see that your bond was beyond just
marriage.  I am so sorry that you both were dealt this blow and I hope
that you continue to heal and remember all of the wonderful times. 




From my step mother

Dear Blake,

   As of yet, I haven't expressed my deepest sympathy.  Emma and I had,

what I thought was a great relationship. We talked alot on the phone,

about anything and everything.  It is so difficult to think of her as

gone, I remember her cooking mostly and the expressions she used while

creating her masterpieces.  I prayed everyday, that GOD would give her a

miracle, but he has other plans.  She is now with her precious mom, whom

she cherished.   I just hope you will keep the faith, and be able to

move on to a new life.  I truly think she would want you to do that. 

There are so many stages that you will go through, in the next few

months. anger, guilt, wondering, lonely, so many more.  I know when my

husband died, i went through them all.  I was so lucky to meet your dad,

who has been my rock.

  Please just know, how much sadness, i feel.  Also the sadness i feel

for you having to go through this terrible time. We are never prepared

for a loss like this.  One thing i know, life goes on and we just need

to keep up with, all the stages.  GOD has a plan for us all, and we need

to except it as it comes.

   I'm not very good at writing, but i do know what you are going

through and will continue to go through.

   I just hope that Emma enjoyed my short notes I sent, I ment every

word, in a kind and loving way.


   see you soon


From Ted Blackwell

Blake - I was so saddened to receive your email about Emma.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

All my best -

This is from Jackie, our landlord. I received it after I got Emma's urn home.
 Jackie is one of the people Emma asked to "look in on me", she never stopped taking care of me.

hi blake,

i've been reading the blog and the urn is beautiful!!!
i like reading of your healing process and you are moving along. ( i really don't want to say are just being.)
take a little of emma along with you on your may help.
she's there with you anyway, in your heart.
well, just wanted you to know that i'm thinking of her and you.
nice to read about the plant and the angel/fairy...i remember emma taking note of it in the store ; she thought of you when she saw it.


This is from my Mom, she'll be a part of the ACS Relay for Life next week

I'm walking in the Relay for Life on July31-Aug1st. I have dedicated a luminaria to Emma which will be lit at 8pm (on the 31st) along with 100s of others in honor of survivors and in memory of those who did not survive. This is the Ojai branch of what is a national 24 hour walk to raise $ for research.

Emma's luminaria will have the following message on it: "Amelia Mary "Emma" Cash  28 October 1956-5 July 2010. She lives on in the love she brought to my son."

Love you,



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