Blake and Emma

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About us

As of 6 June 2009 I am creating this site to tell our story. There is a blog about Emma's condition, and how we're dealing with it. The background page is about how we met, and photos are primarily of the family, Emma doesn't care for photos of herself.


  Emma has passed on to her heavenly father's care. By her wishes there will be no services or memorials. She asked that you each remember her by raising a glass in her memory, and I request that if you feel moved to do so, please contribute to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in her name. This website is her only memorial. I may visit and update the blog on events related to her or me, her story is not over as long as we remember her. 


  I have completed a book about Emma's last year, titled "Surviving". It is available on and Proceeds from the sales will be used to keep ads off this site and to make contributions to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Thank you for visiting and honoring Emma's memory.

Site Contents

You're on the Homepage, there's a counter so I can see how many people have visited (since almost no one signs the Guestbook or leaves comments)

The Blog is updates on Emma's condition and how we're dealing with things. Last entry 4 July 2011

Background is how we met, I find it romantic. 

Photos are family pictures, with a page devoted to Autumn, our cat.

Guest Book gives you a chance to let us know you stopped by.

More Information is a collection of links to information about Pancreatic Cancer and the procedures Emma is going through, and a couple of diversions. 

Tangents, thoughts outside the blog, will probably turn into a stream of consciousness page. 

Condolences is a page of condolence messages received off the website 


You can email me at any of my other addresses, or through the link at the bottom of the page.

At The Alamo

Strangely enough, Dr Klien made an Alamo reference when he was speaking to us about pallitive care.



Other information

I also have a page on facebook, the name there is Kb Cash


Suggestions are appreciated, and please report any issues with the site, email us at the link below.